GCSE Food Technology

Students studying Food Technology 2011-2013 will be following the AQA Food Technology course 4547.

The course consists of 2 units:

Unit 1- Written paper. This is a 2hr paper and represents 40% of their final grade. This a one tier paper and pre release material is issued on the 1st March (before their final exam) which states the topic for their design question, which enables the students to make preparatory research before the exam. No notes are allowed in the exam.

Unit 2- Controlled assessment. Design and making in practice. This is a 45hr controlled assessment and represents 60% of the student’s final grade. This consists of a single design and make activity from a range of board set tasks. This task will take place both in the lessons and at home for homework. The level of control is Medium. This means that the standard of the students work is established at school but drafted work and some other work can be written up at home.

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