KS3 Common Assessment

At KS3 we assess students work at the end of every rotation, usually every 9-10 weeks.  Within this we carry out high quality feedback activities that relate to the subject area they are undertaking at the time.  This will take place at a relevant period in the projects and will be based on the following areas of design:

Resistant Materials/Product Design – Planning

Graphic Design - Design ideas

Food – Making/Evaluation

Textiles – Research

Please refer to the table attached for more specific information: DT KS3 Common Assessments for Feedback Books

There are no tests for students to prepare for at Ks3, only the on going project work which they are encouraged to explore into more outside of lessons.

At the end of each rotation students work is assessed using National Curriculum Levels in Design and Technology.  Their project work will remain in their folders for the current year to demonstrate how they progress from each area.

Please help us encourage the students to have pride in the work they do and to take their made products home with them once completed.

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