The Great Chesterton Celebration

At the end of year 7 students will all take part in this event as everything in DT the do this year will be aiming towards this.  All the products they design and create will be put on show in some form or other for students to show off what they have achieved!

Last year this evening event was a fantastic success and we joined forces with the Music and Languages departments to create an outdoor festival to celebrate the students’ success over the year.  Music had performances from all year groups in their version of Proms in the Park and Languages had a Creperie and students taking orders in French.  Families bought picnics, drinks and blankets and set up camp on the grass area behind the DT block to enjoy the event in glorious sunshine.

We look forward to sharing this event with you and your child this Summer and there is word it will be even bigger than last year with the possibility of more departments getting involved!

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