Food Technology

Let’s get cooking!

Students will learn about healthy eating. They will use simple equipment and will be introduced to a number of making techniques.

Learning Intentions

By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will: be able to use a cooker safely and work hygienically; identify the Eatwell plate; produce a number of dishes, with help, using different techniques; Rubbing in method, creaming and melting methods of cake making. Understand the importance of a healthy diet; use appropriate food vocabulary.

Most students will: be able to identify the different food groups and place them in the Eatwell plate; use the cooker safely and with confidence; use the scales correctly; understand why it is important to work hygienically; produce a number of dishes with very little help; be able to make simple modifications to a dish taking into consideration their target group.

Some learners will have progressed further and will: understand the sources and functions of proteins, carbohydrates and fats; use the equipment confidently, safely and competently; produce a number of dishes independently; be able to modify a dish after completing some research and considering both target group and healthy alternatives; consider presentation.

How to help your child

Provide ingredients for the appropriate lessons. Give students feedback for dishes taken home, which can then be used in their evaluations. Encourage students to try healthy alternatives. Allow them to repeat dishes at home to give confidence.

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