Food Technology

The High Street.

Students will develop the techniques learnt in Year 7 and extend their range. Students should understand the importance of planning a balanced meal. They will adapt a number of dishes to produce their own recipe book.


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will: be able to plan a well balanced dish, which is appropriate to their target group; produce a leaflet promoting healthy street food. Extend their making techniques to include bread, shortcrust pastry and the creaming method; know the uses of coloured board; understand the basic principles in the use of raising agents.

Most students will: be able to plan and evaluate a well balanced two coursethat could be available on the high street, which is appropriate to their target group and suitable for packaging and carrying; produce a leaflet which is well presented and clearly laid out containing not only the necessary information but designed to be appealing and contain some original ideas; use the new techniques learnt to modify and cook some interesting original dishes; understand and explain the main principles in the use of raising agents.

Some learners will have progressed further and will: be able to plan, prepare and evaluate a dish suitable to be sold on the high street, which is suitable for their target group; complete a range of finishing techniques; understand the importance of vitamins and minerals and indentify their sources and functions; produce a clearly thought out and well presented leaflet which contains a number of dishes which are suitable and original, included their own photographs and  layout to produce a professional finish;  use the new techniques learnt to design some interesting original dishes, taking into consideration nutrition and the government guidelines; understand how raising agents work and indentify which one to use, when.

How to help your child

Provide ingredients for the appropriate lessons. Give students feedback for dishes taken home, which can then be used in their evaluations. Encourage students to try healthy alternatives. Allow them to repeat dishes at home to give confidence.

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