Ms Maffei  is the EAL Specialist 

She carries out the initial assessment of students’ standard of English.

She provides withdrawal specialist EAL language support for new EAL arrivals to acquire the level of English needed to access the curriculum and teach them strategies to learn in a language that is not their first language.

Where appropriate, she provides withdrawal EAL support for a set period of time to address specific language focus for the advanced EAL learners in order to improve their academic English.

She gives guidance and support to set targets and plan appropriate work. Provides a Personal  Learning Plan where appropriate.

She monitors teaching and learning of students with EAL.

She reports to the Assistant Head the progress of EAL students.

She monitors progress and identifies learning difficulties that may be masked by EAL and liaises with SENCO.

She supports the EAL students both academically and pastorally working in partnership with parents/ carers, Heads of Houses, teaching and support staff, the Student Support Officer, the Exams Officer and external agencies where appropriate.

She acts as coach and helps train teachers in how to best teach and support EAL students with differentiation techniques to ensure that all students can access the lesson and meet learning aims.

She carries out a reassessment of the English level of students each year and this data is tracked and monitored to ensure that all students are making good progress. 

She compiles and keeps up to date an EAL School Register.

You can contact Ms Maffei by email:

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