New arrivals

Our EAL support provision is based on an accurate assessment of students’ prior knowledge and experience as well as language skills. This assessment is carried out by the EAL Specialist when the students join the college if their parents/carers have indicated in the Admission Form that their children need EAL support or if the subject teachers refer the students to the EAL specialist because they have concerns regarding their ability to access the curriculum in English or if they think that the students are not achieving their full potential because of their limited academic English.

Students learning EAL are generally taught in the mainstream class alongside their peers. Newly arrived students who cannot access the curriculum because of the language barrier are given withdrawal specialist EAL support to acquire the level of English needed to access the curriculum and are also taught strategies to learn in a language that is not their first language by the EAL specialist.
The Assistant Head with responsibility for English and Communication and the EAL Specialist will allocate withdrawal EAL support   for a set period of time to address specific language focus also for the advanced EAL learners in order to improve their academic English.

Classroom teachers have responsibility for ensuring that all students can participate in lessons by taking always into account the needs of the EAL learners who attend their lessons.

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