GCSE Computing

Students follow the OCR course J275 and complete the following units:

Computer systems and programming (A451)
Investigation Project (A452)
Programming Project (A453)

This course is assessed as follows:

1. Computer systems and programming (A451) (40%)
1 hour 30 minutes written paper -

  • click here for the link to OCR Website for Past Papers – you will need to expand the relevant section of the website
  • click here for the link to a MOOC website – Cambridge GCSE Computing
  • you also have loads of resources in your Edmodo Computing group
  • try Teach-ICT website by clicking here (I know it says ICT – just ignore that)
  • for a video to help you with revision click here

2. Practical investigation (A452) (30%)
Controlled assessment
Investigative task: OCR-set scenario with a choice of research tasks

3. Programming project (A453) (30%)
Controlled assessment
Programming task: Design, develop and test a solution to a problem within the OCR-set scenario

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