Chesterton Hook-Up with Redgate Computing

Following a visit to Redgate (here in sunny Cambridge) at the beginning of November we have taken advantage of their kind offers to help out at Chesterton Community College.
They have kindly donated some of their “old kit” which far surpasses anything we currently have in our computer rooms and will allow us to create realistic Development environments for our students who are keen to pursue computing beyond Year 9.   Additionally, they have offered to give tours to our students, so that they can see what its like to work in a cutting edge IT environment emphasising the perks (of which there are many) that come along with working for such a company.   We are also hopeful that Redgate staff will be available to come into school at lunchtime or after school to run programming clubs or deliver “master classes” on specific software development issues.   We hope that this liaison will prove fruitful and rewarding for both Chesterton and Redgate.

Pi-Island – New for 2015

Following our recent successful bid with the PTA and a generous donation from Simon Peyton-Jones (our Chair of Governors) we are able to announce the creation of Pi-Island in B15.
We will be taking delivery of two computer tables from the re-developed training room, and along with our 6 Raspberry Pi’s , we’ll be networking them to allow six students to access the internet, write programs and generally investigate what we can do with a Raspberry Pi, via our new HDMI screens (cost £100 each), required to use the Raspberry Pi’s (cost £20 each). We have yet to buy the key boards and mice!

Raspberry Pi + GPS Pre-Pilot at Chesterton Dec 2014

In December one of our Year 10 Computing GCSE classes were involved in a Pre-Pilot with STEM and local company CRS to use the Raspberry Pi, with a GPS, LED and portable power source to use the devices (by programming them themselves) so that they could be used as: a pedometer; a speedometer; a compass.  A full Pilot will be carried out at Chesterton CC on 19th January with our two Year 9 Extension classes who will spend all day testing the new hardware and software, prior to a national roll out later in 2015.

Sonic Pi Debut at Chesterton’s Got Talent December 17th 2014

Five of our Year 10 GCSE Computing students were recently involved in a collaboration with the Computer Science Department at Cambridge University. They were given “Sonic Pi” tuition for four consecutive Saturdays before the annual Chesterton’s Got Talent (CGT) event and demonstrated their newly acquired skills before, during and after CGT. For the uninitiated, Sonic Pi is an off-shoot of Raspberry Pi and is a means of producing electronic music through the medium of programming. Note: if you like music but are unable to actually play it, then Sonic Pi may be for you. Simply download the software (Mac and PC versions are available) and “program” the music you want to play. Some pre-recorded examples can be downloaded…..or just create your own! Sam Aaron at the University of Cambridge is the chap to chat with, if you wish to take this to higher heights. Our Year 10 students will be starting a “Sonic Pi” club in the new year (2015).

January 2013 Google and Raspberry Pi came to Chesterton Community College to launch their new partnership.  Google announced that they are sponsoring 15,000 Raspberry Pi’s to school children across the UK.


  • BBC Article – click here.
  • Raspberry Pi Website – click here.
  • Telegraph – click here.

Raspberry Pi @ Chesterton in 2012

On 29th February 2012 the Raspberry Pi was launched to the world.  This event was filmed at Chesterton.  This was a great day for all involved.


  • Click here to see the article on the BBC website
  • Click here for article on

Year 8 awards 9/7/13

This was a really hard decision to make as I teach all but a very small few of year 8s.  I also needed to think about students that have ready received a prize and was unfortunately unable to give them an  award, but saying that, these awards do that take anything away from prize winners.

Raspberry Pi was awarded to Yifan (8.3)for he game that was produced in his group presentation.  Really powerful and loads of work.

Raspberry Pi was also awarded to Rutger (8.1) for his contributions to the programming club and the Raspberry Pi project at the beginning of the year with Google.

These two ladies were awarded with headphones for their great attitude towards learning and always having a smile on their faces.  Lauren and Jenny both of 8.1.

Well done to everyone and keep up the brilliant work.

Year 9 awards 23/5/13

It was a very hard decision to make, as some students we would have like to given the awards to have already received awards in other subjects.  However, we thought really long and hard about these awards and the following students were awarded -

Elliott (9.3) – Raspberry PI for his contributions to the programming club and his skills in the Minecraft community.
Cam (9.5) – Headphones for his great ATL and professionalism in keeping a difficult group working.
Annusheh (9.2) – iTunes voucher for contributions to the programming club and good all round student in ICT and Computing.  Showing that ICT and Computing is not just a mans world but it is very much a woman world as well.
William (9.2) – Raspberry Pi – Working very hard in everything he does, willingness to learn, listens and acts on the advice given.

Hopefully all the students will go onto to great things in the future and will enjoy their prizes.  Well done.

Year 7 awards 20/5/13

Raspberry Pi awarded to Luke (7.1) for his contributions to the programming club on a Tuesday night.
For good and consistent level of work, headphones were awarded to Ben (7.1)
Joshua (7.2) was awarded iTunes voucher for his attitude to learning and good level of work.
Katherine (7.6) was a awarded a Raspberry Pi for her really good game which she created in Scratch.

Well done to everyone.  This was a very hard decision to make as all students seem to enjoy their ICT and Computing lessons.

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