Extra-Curricular Clubs

The Physical Education faculty provides a very popular extra curricular programme, which encourages all students to take part.  Students can extend their learning, and are regularly encouraged to join specific clubs in the local community.  The faculty is committed to providing a broad and high quality programme of activities. Teams and individuals participate successfully at district, country, regional and national level.

The following list shows the range of activities offered to students in the last academic year.

Please note that students are required to wear shin pads for all hockey and football sessions, and it is strongly advised that students wear a gum shield for all rugby and hockey sessions.

Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Football, Athletics, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Cross Country, Fitness Suite, Rugby, Trampolining, Table tennis, Girls body workout

The programme of extra curricular activities is advertised and promoted at least once every half term.  Timetables appear on all PE notice boards and the college website.