Fixture Lists

Hockey and Rugby Fixtures – Autumn term 2015
Generally, all hockey/rugby fixtures are played ‘away’.  The reverse fixtures are then played at ‘home’ for netball and football in the spring term.
16th September at Soham
Year 8, 9 and U16 hockey and rugby
21st September (venue to be confirmed)
U16 district hockey tournament prelim
22nd October at St Bede’s
Year 8 rugby
23rd September at St Mary’s (hockey) and Sawston (rugby)
Year 7, 8 and 9  hockey at St Mary’s
Year 9, 10 & 11 rugby
30th September at Cottenham
Year 7 A&B, 9 and U16 rugby
Year 8, 9 and U16 hockey
w/b 5th October (venue to be confirmed)
Year 9 district hockey tournament prelim
7th October at Swavesey
Year 7 A&B, 8 and 9 hockey
Year 7 A&B, 8 A&B and 9 rugby
8th October at Cambridge Rugby Club
Year 10 and 11 district rugby tournament
14th October at Bottisham
Year 9 and Under 16 hockey
Year 7 A/B/C and 9 rugby
14th October at Bottisham
Year 7 A&B, 8 A&B and 9 hockey
Year 7 A&B, 8 A&B and U16 rugby
15th October at Cambridge rugby club
Year 9 district rugby tournament
20th October at Cambridge rugby club
Year 8 district rugby tournament
21st October at Chesterton (against Parkside)
Year 7, 8, 9 and U16 rugby
Year 7 and 8 hockey
3rd November (venue tbc)
Year 8 district hockey tournament
4th November at Impington
Hockey and rugby tbc
5th November at Cambridge rugby club
Year 7 district rugby tournament
12th November (venue tbc)
Year 7 district hockey tournament

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