GCSE RE: Philosophy and Ethics

Religious Studies B GCSE (OCR J621)

This course is 100% examination. There is no coursework or controlled assessment.

Students can opt to study the GCSE RE Philosophy and Ethics Full Course.  They follow the OCR syllabus. This course is delivered over two academic years. There are 4 units, each with an examination.

Students following this course will not be permitted to sit the exam in RPSE.

The aim of GCSE RE Philosophy and Ethics is to study one or two world religions in depth through their philosophical and ethical questions. In addition to the knowledge and understanding of those faiths, you will develop important skills in critical thinking and enquiry: in the use of evidence to support argument and evaluation. There will be opportunity to reflect on personal beliefs and values, and make informed responses to the issues raised.

Currently this is assessed in four exam papers: Ethics 1 & 2 and Philosophy 1 and 2. There are several useful textbooks available for the course:





Other texts may also be used in this course:






Enrichment Opportunities

There are several enrichment opportunities linked to this GCSE course…..

In Year 10 we attend the annual schools carol service at Kings College Chapel.  We are given a limited number of tickets and it is an honour for students to attend and hear the world-famous choir.

There are various speakers that are invited into the classroom to help develop our understanding of philosophy and ethics further.

Other opportunities are taken as they occur.

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