Year 7

Students in Year 7 have two RE lessons every fortnight. They also take part in a fortnighly Wicked Wednesdays activity. Some of these activities are run by the RE department.  We follow the Cambridgeshire Local Agreed Syllabus 2013 which was launched in June 2013.  There is a three year programme to implement this fully.

Autumn Term
(Lesson 1 – Baseline assessment – Religion Around Us)
Unit 1 – The Island
Unit 2 – Pilgrimage – the physical and the spiritual
Unit 3 – Christmas in the Bible

Wicked Wednesday – Festivals

Spring Term
Unit 4 – Special Places
Unit 5 – The Life of Jesus and Easter Celebrations
Wicked Wednesday – What do religions teach about care for the environment?

Summer Term
Unit 6 – Sikhism
Unit 7 – Patterns in Life
Wicked Wednesday – Sikhism in our Community


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