Ethics 2

This unit will be taught through Islam

Peace & Justice

What are the religion’s attitudes to war and violence?

What is pacifism and is the attitude held by many in the faith?

What does ‘justice’ mean and should punishment be given out in God’s name?

Is there teaching about capital punishment and is it supported?


What is the principle of equality – what does it really mean?

What does the faith teach about equality?

What are Christian/Muslim attitudes to racism, gender and other religions?

Should Muslims/Christians be prepared to forgive – what are the teachings?

The Media

What is the media and how does it influence us?

How is Islam / Christianity portrayed in the media?

What responses and attitudes have been expressed towards films, books etc. which focus on religious messages by believers?

What is censorship and freedom of speech?

USEFUL RESOURCES: Choosing to study this topic in Islam means there are various websites that students can refer to to support their learning.

Understanding Islam (


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