Congratulations to the Full Course RE students.  100% of students gained A*-C and of those 69% gained an A* or A grade.  This is wonderful and is a reflection of your hardwork.  Best wishes for the future.


All Key Stage 4 students are now studying for the full GCSE qualification. This is a recent development and one we are sure students will seize to increase their range of qualifications when they leave us.

Summer 2014

GCSE Philosophy and ethics students tools advantage of a detailed revision programme over the study leave period.  Each student had a detailed booklet for each of the FOUR exam papers.

Year 10 RPSE Revision & Exam Day

All Year 10 students participated in a morning of revision workshops to help prepare for the Year 10 mock exam that they sat on Wednesday 9th July.  Workshops included advice on how to answer 3 marks and 6 mark questions, quizzes and interactive sessions on each of the topics we have studied.  Feedback from students was really positive!

A New View of Judaism Spring 2014

This term Year 9 students have been following an updated Scheme of Learning called Who are the Jews? The scheme starts with a look at the history of the faith, but with a link to modern day issues such as Jewish identity, Israel and whether keeping the commandments is relevant today.  Throughout the unit students are using independent learning styles and their iPads to explore for themselves.

We recently completed a literacy task offering advice to a couple about male circumcision – in some countries male circumcision is now illegal unless medically required.  Some classes had an interesting discussion on the topic, with students presenting points from both sides.

The unit finishes with an exploration of various Jewish responses to the Shoah (The Holocaust). Students will have an opportunity to reflect on acts of remembrance and great sadness.

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