This topic will explore locations that are of significance for religious believers:  towns and cities around the world that draw believers to them and the motivation behind these journeys.
By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will: know some of the places that believers visit as a demonstration of faith and be able to outline some reasons why they may choose to do this.
Most students will: demonstrate independent research skills and improved skills in groups work during this topic.
Some learners will have progressed further and will be able to: explain in detail the importance and motivation for the believer in visiting the destination.  They will be able to distinguish the differences in attitudes between the faiths.

Key Assessments
A controlled assessment write- up following an independent investigation into the Hajj – pilgrimage in Islam. “Will Rahima go on Hajj?”
Extended Homework Tasks
Students will have three homeworks to research and prepare for the assessment. Students will be given guidance on how to complete the task and what to research.
How to help your child
Students may have experience visiting these places of religious significance, or they may be able to visit one during the topic.
Use of appropriate websites to see the locations can be supported.  Various television programmes are available – around the world in 80 faiths and Michael Palin’s travel programmes often feature places of religious significance.

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