A study of Hinduism

This is an introduction to Hinduism, with a particular focus on Hindu forms of worship.  The unit starts with a study of the Hindu concept of God and how God relates to the world.  From this foundation students then move on to look at how Hindus relate to their God through worship. Students complete a common assessment in which they produce an essay and a model or picture to illustrate Hindu worship. This includes a peer assessment activity.


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will: have a good general knowledge of Hindu beliefs and worship; understand that the Hindu world view is expressed through worship; be able to comprehend the meaning of new vocabulary from this unit.

Most students will: be able to explain the symbolic actions found in Hindu worship and the importance of worship to the believer.

Some learners will have progressed further and will: be able to consider how the community and culture in which a Hindu lives might impact on their worship.

Key Assessments

Students will design their own puja shrine and compose an essay in which they detail their knowledge of puja.  This is usually set as a homework task.

How to help your child

Parents can direct students to good resources in the library or on the web, such as REOnline when they are researching their puja essay.

Parents can also help collect items which will be of use for decorating and constructing the puja shrine display.

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