Who are the Jews? – UPDATED

This is an introduction to the world religion Judaism, with an emphasis on it as a current faith.  It covers the origins, teachings and beliefs, practices, diversity and current issues within the faith.  The topic finishes with a reflection on the Holocaust from a Jewish perspective. All students complete a common assessment under controlled conditions during a lesson.


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will: understand some of the key learning points from each lesson and have learned some of the new vocabulary.

Most students will: have a good general knowledge of all the areas of Judaism studied in each lesson; understand that there are differences in Jewish communities in what is believed and how it is expressed; use new vocabulary with understanding.

Some learners will have progressed further and will: know and understand the key differences between the Jewish communities and how this affects their relations; have an understanding of the importance of history for the Jewish communities today; use the new vocabulary with confidence.

Key assessments

There are three main assessments:

Self/group assessment: baseline assessment matching activity in class.
Vocabulary test during the unit.
Group presentation about the rite of passage.

How to help your child

There are various useful websites for researching factual information about Judaism. Some are presented by Jewish communities.


Learning the correct vocabulary is an important part of the topic – parents can help with this through small memory tests.

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