Art and Design GCSE

Students follow the Edexcel GCSE Fine art course. They followigntow component,

1: coursework

2:externally set assignment

 They complete two projects – Expression and Propaganda as part of component 1.


Expression is the theme for the Autumn Term. In this project learners study and explore the techniques and style of contemporary and 20th century painters, screen-print and stencil street artists  and graphic designers to inspire and develop their own work. As part of this project they produce  a final response  and present all their work in their sketchbooks. They learn how to paint using acrylic, monoprint, screen print, spray paint using stencils and Photoshop image manipulation.


In this project, students start by researching propaganda art, they then develop ideas on  an issue that they feel strongly about eg. animal rights or football hooliganism. Students explore work of independently selected artists whose work links to these themes. They explore their own personal ideas through drawing, painting, dry point  and lino printmaking. This project continues into year 11 and the final response will be made during the 10 hour mock exam in November.

Externally set assignment

This is set by the exam board and released in January. Students are given an exam paper with a theme and ideas to work through  and have time to independently prepare in lessons before the 10 hours exam before Easter.



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