Photography GCSE


Students follow the Edexcel GCSE Photography – Lens and light-based media (specification code 2PY01).

Year 10 Autumn Term
Project 1: Introduction to Photography
A range of mini projects in order to introduce photography to students

Learning and exploring a camera
Understanding how the course and our sketchbooks work
Basic photography techniques
Using studio lighting

Photographer contextual studies

Composing photographs
Basic Adobe Photoshop
Year 10 Autumn Term/Spring Term
Project 2: Force  – your first independent project

Photographer Contextual Studies
Darkroom process
Film processing

Experimental processes in and out of the darkroom
Adobe Photoshop
Pixelmator workshops
Trip to Cambridge

Year 10 Summer Term  and Year 11 Autumn Term
Project 3: Past, Present and/or Future
This project is the final piece of coursework and will be completed in a mock style. Students will be working bringing their own interests, ideas and passions into the projects to create individual pieces. All of the work produced will be on display in October of year 11.
During this project, students will be guided through how to complete a Photography exam with ease.

Project 4: External Exam (Topic set in January by Edexcel)
Photographer Contextual Studies.
Experimental Processes.
Independent shoots
Exam preparation and final piece selection.
Final Exam at end of term.

Year 11 Summer Term
Mounting and presenting photographs.
Art/Photography exhibition.

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