Art KS3 Common Assessment

Art Common Assessment

TITLE: Project work. All KS3 students will be assessed throughout the year on their project work.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE: All knowledge required will be taught in the lessons from project specific technical skills to transferable key skills such as problem solving and creativity.

REVISION: It is not necessary for students to prepare or revise for their assessment however we would always encourage students to practice their observational drawing skills. This can be done by drawing any objects, students can do quick composition studies or longer tonal drawings. Drawing like any other skill can be improved through practice. We also encourage any other forms of practical making for fun as this helps students to develop those transferable skills.

HOW WILL THEY BE ASSESSED: Students are marked on three Foci,  DEVELOP, REFINE, RECORD, PRESENT. These assess their ability to develop ideas informed by artists work, refine ideas and use of materials, record their work and ideas and present their work and final responses.

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