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The board game Pictionary is fun to play with a group of 3 or more people. When adapted to the classroom setting it is also particularly useful for helping students remember information in a number of contexts. The preparation for this can be done by the teacher or the students.

1. Divide players into small teams Р3-4 people tends to work best (larger groups reduce the level of involvement).

2. Supply a set of cards to each group, face down (these will differ depending on your topic).

3. Students take it in turns to take a card and draw a diagram to shown the information / phrase on it. They must not use words or numbers in their drawing. The rest of the team try to guess the information / phrase. Once it is correctly identified, swap roles so that a different person takes a card and draws.

4. The winning team is determined by the teacher based on either the number of accurate drawing completed by the team in the time allowed or which team gets through the pack of cards most quickly.


This can work well in most subjects and can be adapted for any age or ability group.

A set of cards for Geography – tackling wildfires – is attached.

Other examples include:

PE – different moves on a trampoline; different athletics events
English – key events in the plot of a novel
MFL – different items in a schoolbag (to be guessed in the target language)