Quiz Quiz Trade

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Quiz Quiz Trade is a co-operative learning strategy. You can use it with past exam questions and mark schemes or you can write your own questions to help with specific factual recall or skills.

You will need to make question and answer cards before the lesson. I tend to print these on card. You could print them on paper and then laminate them. I put both question and answer on the same side of the card but I know of teachers who have the question on one side and the answer on the other.

Quiz Quiz Trade

Here are the instructions for playing Quiz Quiz Trade…

1. Give everybody in your class a card. Note that they do not all need to be different. The card should have a question on it and a model answer / mark scheme.

2. Students pair up. Student A asks Student B the question on their card and listens carefully to their answer, referring to the model answer or mark scheme on the card. They then praise / coach Student B as necessary.

3. Repeat Step 2, with Student A and Student B swapping roles.

4. Students A and B then trade (swap) cards.

5. Repeat Steps 2, 3 and 4 with a new partner. Continue for as long as the game lasts. 

By trading (swapping) the cards after every round, students will be ‘responsible’ for a new question and mark scheme. This should help to broaden their knowledge.