Takeaway menus

Contact Iain Dover, or search for TakeAwayHomework, for more information about this technique.

This idea is a development from the idea of takeaway homeworks, where students choose activities to complete to build up a range of skills or ideas. By grouping tasks together you can ensure that a wide range is attempted while offering choice for the students to tackle the work in their own way.

There are a range of templates available, such as Nandos and Subway, or you can create your own. My eventual plan is to have one per topic for the GCSE course, each with a different menu style to provide a variety. Examples are attached.

This idea works well for subjects with clear topics, so that you can focus all of the work on a similar area, or could work linked to skills where each part of the menu focusses on separate skills but each menu items tackles the skill in different ways.

Example – Ethics

This example uses the creativity of the Subway menu to offer flexibility. All of the bread options focus on the key vocabulary for the topic; the fillings work covers the main areas of the topic; the salad, sauce and meal options all take the form of different styles of exam question so students are able to look at the phrasing of questions and spend time considering how to decipher the tasks.

Each student can shape their revision according to what areas of the topic they need to revise, but, by using this approach, you know that all of the students will have experienced the exam style of question.

Subway1  Subway2