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Hotseating is a drama technique, in which one person takes on the role of a character or thing. Once they have ‘become the character’ they sit in the ‘hotseat’ and are asked questions which they have to answer in role.

What you will need:

  • A chair
  • Students placed into small groups


  • Answering in role is a good way to encourage you to remember key facts and ideas, it also encourages you to explain the ideas which will help you remember them even more.
  • Asking the questions reminds you the key things you need to know
  • Hearing the answers reinforces key facts and ideas and hearing them from someone you know will make them more memorable.

Cross Curricular examples:

English Literature – Take on the role of a character from Of Mice and Men, A View From The Bridge, Animal Farm or Lord of the Flies and your partner asks you questions about your role in the story which you must answer as you think the character would answer.

English Literature – Take on the role of the writer of one of the texts you have studied and answer questions about why and how you wrote the text.

English Language – Take on the role of a skill such as summarising and answer questions about ‘your’ key features – you might even be asked to demonstrate your skill.

English Language – Find a newspaper article and take on the role of the journalist who wrote it – answer questions about the techniques you have used, your purpose etc.

Maths – Take on the role of an expert in a particular skill and answer questions about your area of expertise.

Geography – Take on the role of a shoreline management plan and answer questions about your policies and how they will affect people in the short, medium and long term.

History – Take on the role of the policy of appeasement and answer questions about it.

Biology – Take on the role of a gene and answer questions about its structure, role etc. Use the pdfs on the revision website to come up with relevant questions.

Ethics (RPSE) – Take on the role of a Christian or Muslim and answer questions in role about your attitude towards topics such as contraception, euthanasia, divorce and remarriage.