Make a Podcast

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This method will give the students an alternative way of demonstrating what they know. It uses a visual stimulation to trigger an oral summary of an aspect of their studies eg. a photograph, diagram or key word is chosen that prompts the student to recall and present some information.

What can I remember?

Student chooses a particular image and records themselves talking about what that image causes them to recall. They can then check back in a textbook or revision guide to see how accurate they were or which particular aspects were not addressed with sufficient depth.

Here is my understanding!

Students choose a string of images or words that for them summarise a particular topic. They record their own commentary to produce an audiovisual revision note for personal use.

Let me teach you!

Students may produce and share podcasts to help each other, whilst at the same time demonstrating a more in depth understanding of the material. Learning through teaching.

How to do it…

The method uses the Adobe Voice app on the iPad. This is a free app. Students can select icons or images from the app’s own catalogue or they can upload images from the internet, or from their own camera roll (e.g. photos and screenshots of electronic resources).

This idea can work well as it forces students to clearly verbalise their knowledge and understanding. They have to think through what is important and how they should order what they know.

A drawback can be the temptation to fiddle endlessly with choice of image, slide style and background music. Emphasis should be placed on the purpose of the podcast above its style.

Example – Science: Structure of the Earth

This is the introductory example I showed the students on the Year 11 revision day. After this the students were able to create their own recording with very little further teacher input required.