Making revision practical

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In Product Design there will always be a question based around mass production.

To prepare students for this, I have them create simple products using different production techniques in groups. This way they experience the process first hand and all the benefits and disadvantages it has. As follow up activities exemplar exam questions are presented to them and they are able to write up the answer using exactly what they have experienced.

This question will usually be in the form of ‘plan out how the product will be manufactured’. See example below:

Product Design Question

By acting out the whole process of making the identical products students are able to follow and answer each part of the question by picturing how they have just done it in their groups. They can apply the same process to whatever question turns up in the exam, the only key difference being the different product.

One revision session had students creating poppies on Remembrance Day using a ‘production line’ to make 20 identical ones to their own design and in groups. They then applied what they had experienced to answer a question similar to the example above.

Where this could be used across the curriculum:

Every subject!

Where ever there are key processes students have to learn and memorise or just apply to questions under different contexts, they can carry out these processes in groups so they experience them first hand. Then follow up with example exam questions to test them. The key is repeating these activities, changing the context but embedding the process.