Stepping Stones

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This technique helps students to recall a process.

You will need a clear space in the middle of the room. Students stand around in a circle or oblong.

You need 5-8 coloured sheets of A4 paper and to lay them in a line. Each one has a keyword on it and the line needs to be in order of the process (examples below). Call out 1 student to stand on the first ‘stone’; he/she needs to describe what happens in that part of the process. Call out another student: they start at the first stone, recall what the previous student has said, perhaps modifying the answer, then go to the second stone, and describe that part of the process. Continue with the 3rd student etc, each one starting at the 1st step. Go through as many times as needed.

Examples from science

Example 1:
Revision, Combustion Equations.

Steps are:
1) General or Generic

2) Word
3) Symbol
4) Balanced
5) Complete Combustion
6) Incomplete Combustion.

Example 2:
Answering 6 mark questions in Science.
Steps are:
1) Read the question fully
2) If there is a table or diagram refer to it
3) Highlight any keywords
4) Bullet point or mind map what you want to say
5) Order your bullet points making sure keywords are used
6) Write a sentence for each bullet point
7) Read your answer to see that it makes sense.