Revision bitcoins

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How can you get the best out of classes that do not want to admit that they do not understand the subject matter, or do not want to ask for help?

A lesson with revision bitcoins:

  • Is closely linked to the curriculum and to learning intentions.
  • Allows different entry points based upon ability of students.
  • Encourages students to challenge themselves.
  • Enables the teacher to identify tasks covered and ensure pupil progress.
  • Easily identifies students deserving of rewards.

Planning your lesson

  1. Choose the activities. Each activity should have guidance and a learning intention/success criteria.
  2. Students choose their entry point or activities they undertake.  A preliminary task could help with this decision.
  3. Allocate a card to each activity that can be collected by the student once completed.
  4. Use cards to identify which activities have been completed by students. Use questioning to determine student understanding and progress.
  5. Students may need to repeat activities or receive intervention based on your questioning.


Example – homeostatic control of temperature