Connecting Web

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This idea is a good way to make sure that links between different areas in a topic are clear.

If you have the space, you can assign each student an area (in the photo these are characters in a novel) and use different coloured string to join them.  If you want the students moving around you can create the links between tables with the various areas in the topic written down.  This can then be transferred to paper to take away.

Connecting web 1

Each area or section is joined to others by any links you can find between them.  It could be shared traits, facts/equations similar to both, quotes that you can use to support each of them, as just a few examples.

For a simple version just use lines, each one colour coded by type (picture image shows type of relationship between characters).


An extra step could be explaining this link in the chosen colour, either with a quote, or short sentence, that makes it easy to visualise the links.

The picture example followed on from a session where each character was written on a table, and the tables were filled with everything that students could think of about those characters.  The links were then built up using this information as a way of reinforcing the knowledge.

Connecting web 2