Paper chains

Contact Kate Stockings for further information about this technique.

Using Paper Chains works well with any age group. It’s a great strategy to support students in developing their extended writing, particularly with regard to the point, evidence, explanation structure.

Pre-cut sheets of coloured paper into slim strips and provide a set of glue sticks.

Instruct the students to use a different colour for each part of their answer, for example:

Red – Point
Blue- Evidence
Green- Explanation
Purple- Connectives

Students then write a sentence onto the relevant coloured strip of paper and build up their answer as a paper chain, gluing together the ends of each strip.

Once students have shown a basic grasp of the paper chain technique, stop the class and introduce the idea of a web – students have to link their answers together, creating a paper ‘web’ rather than a simple chain.

I used this with Year 8s to consider how might deforestation affects the Awá tribe. Using this technique really ensured that their answers were properly developed and not just constructed from simple statements. Students were told to work in groups of 4 however many chose to work in pairs and seemed more engaged – in future I shall group students in pairs!

You could then join together pairs to make groups of four and instruct the students to look for links between their different paper chains, working together to develop a larger web.