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This strategy game can be used to revise any topic for which you have made /are willing to make question and answer cards. You could write the questions and answers yourself or take them from past papers.

By playing a strategy game alongside revising course content, students will be engaging different types of brain power. 

Barricade board

Equipment required:

Game board, 5 coloured counters for each team, 15 white counters, question cards.

Instructions for students:

Place your coloured counters on the coloured circles at the bottom of the board. Place the white counters on the maroon circles within the game track.

Your aim is to move along the track to get one of your counters to the top circle. Roll the dice to see how far to move your counter.

You cannot jump over the white counters but must land directly on them and answer a question from the pack. If you answer correctly, you can move the white counter and place it anywhere in your opponent’s pathway. If you answer incorrectly, you cannot continue but must answer another question during the next round or find an alternative route.

If you land on an opponent’s counter, it is sent back to the starting square.

The winner is the first player to reach the goal square at the top of the board.


Barricade board game

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