Finger Twister

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Finger Twister

Finger twister can be used in a variety of ways, for example:

  • making links between concepts, poems, people, places
  • recalling key information about people, events, pieces of text

I have used it to revise key case study facts in GCSE Geography.

Instructions for students:

When it is your turn, spin the spinner to see which finger you need to use.

Each finger has a case study / key term attached. Before placing your finger on the circle, you must give 3 facts about the case study or key term.

If you can’t give 3 facts, or if you can’t place your finger on the correct circle, you lose the round.


Get students to write the key terms / case studies onto the circles.

Students must find a link between the two circles (eg. between two pieces of literature, people or places) rather than giving 3 facts.


Finger Twister