Contact Iain Dover or Katharine Hutchinson for further information about this strategy

This game is mainly for revision of key words or concepts.


1. Group your words by type, such as topic, purpose, up to a maximum of 6 groups (if you have less than 6 you will need to make changes to the template).  Each group of words will have a corresponding colour on the board, and on the game cards.

2. Create the cards. Use the template here.

3. Create the board. Edit the category names from this template.

How to play

Place the cards face down in a pile.

Each player needs a counter.

Players roll a dice and move around the board landing on a topic colour. They are then asked the corresponding topic question from the card at the top of the pile. They must define the word from the card. Other players should check that their definition is accurate.

The board also contains symbol spaces (which you can change to make it subject specific).  Each card has the same symbol next to one of the topics, and works as a random generator. If you land on this category, you will not know which category the word you must define belongs to.

If students get the definition wrong they lose a go.

The first player to move the whole way around the board wins.