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This technique can be used to revise any topic, for example:

Key Words
Knowledge Check
Exam Questions

English twist – each piece is a character/theme – you have to link the two pieces involved in the take.

Equipment required

This game requires a 8×8 grid, 12 counters a side, and a set of at least 20 questions.

You can download a copy of the board here.

How to play

Play draughts as it is usually played – click here for the rules.

Revision twist – each piece has a letter on it, referring to a question.  If you try to take a piece you need to answer the corresponding question, and if you are correct you get to take the piece.  If you get the question wrong you lose your attacking piece.

When you reach the far side of the board you have to answer a question to be crowned, and if you are wrong you then lose the piece.