Guess Who?

Contact Kate Stockings or Katharine Hutchinson for further information about this technique.

‘Guess Who’ works particularly well as a revision game because it is rather challenging! The rules are the same as in the traditional version of the game but the descriptions of people are replaced with a description of a key word.

Player 1 starts by choosing the key word that will be the final correct answer.

Player 2 then looks at their cards and begins to ask questions to try to get to the correct answer. They narrow down their options by asking specific questions, until they can work out the correct answer.


We played with keywords from the urban geography topic.

Player 1 chose ‘immigration’ to be the correct answer.

Player 2 began questioning: “IsGuess Who it a process?”. “Yes” was the response and so Player 2 knew that they could put down all the keywords that were not related to a process.

Player 2 continued: “Does it occur both in cities and in the countryside?”. “Yes” was the response and so Player 2 knew that they could put down all the keywords which did not fit this criteria.

The high level of challenge results from the fact that students need to be confident with what the keywords are and mean in order to be able to ask the best questions!



The Guess Who? Travel game board works well and is a fraction of the price of the full version! We tried the Poundland version (shown in the photo) and it was too fiddly to be worth the effort.

The template for the cards for the travel version can be downloaded here.