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‘Blockbusters’ works particularly well as a vocabulary revision game. The rules are the same as in the TV version of the game.

You can either create the grid and questions in advance or the students can create their own grid and questions before playing.

To create the game:

Write 23 questions, and their answers, onto a sheet of paper. eg. ‘What U is when an increasing proportion of people move to cities?’ A: Urbanisation.

Use the attached template to create the gameboard. Each hexagon should contain the staring letter of the answer (or the first two letters if more than one word has the same starting letter).

To play:

Divide into 2 teams, leaving one person to be the quiz master. The white team need to connect the top of the grid to the bottom. The blue team need to connect the left side of the grid to the right. Teams take it in turned to answer a question. If they get it correct, they take over the hexagon.

The winning team is the first to complete their connection.


The template for the grid can be downloaded here. This should be printed out.

The electronic version can be downloaded here. To control the game, click on a white hexagon to turn it blue, click on a blue hexagon to turn it orange, and click on an orange hexagon to turn it white. Further instructions are in the file.