Q&A ladders

Contact Beth Baker-Williams for further information about this technique.

This is an easy way to revise key information such as dates, people, quotes and events. It can also help students to link information together.

NB. Some teachers may know this game as ‘dominoes’ ‘loop cards’.

How to play:

Each student is given a slip of paper with an answer in black on one side, and a question in red on the other side. Giving them two strips of paper keeps their attention focused throughout the game. The teacher begins by reading out their question and the student in the class that thinks they have the answer must read it out. They then read their question, and the student who thinks they have the answer to that one reads out their response. The last question’s answer must be the one on the teacher’s slip and they therefore close the loop and finish the game.

Time the students and get them to try and improve on their time in another attempt. Students can also make their own Q&A ladders for the class on different topics.