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Bingo is a great way to test students’ recall of key terms for a given topic. The nature of the activity ensures students are active throughout as they need to listen out for all key terms, plus the competitive element makes them keen to stay focussed and work quickly!

Below is a link to a bingo card generator. You simply need to decide on the size of grid you’d like, type in the key terms you’d like to test separated by commas, and then choose from a drop down list how many students are in your class. The generator then produces a word document with an individualised card for each member of your group. An example from a recent revision lesson is below.

The teacher stands at the front and describes the term without saying the word, for example “this is the name given to the bars which grew in popularity during prohibition years. They would sell alcohol illegally and often have live jazz bands playing.” Students also enjoy taking on the announcer role, and it can work well as a taboo-style exercise to develop description skills. Students cross the terms out as they hear them, so in this case they cross out ‘speakeasy’. The first to get a row shouts “BINGO!” and then has the task of correctly identifying all the key terms that have been described. A good challenge activity at this stage is to ask the student to identify a link between each term that has been said so far in order to claim their prize.


Bingo card generator: