Hexagon islands

Contact Iain Dover for further information about this technique.

This activity aims to allow students to develop links between different areas of a topic, or between different topics.


Students will require hexagons (either whiteboard to reuse, or paper).  They will also need board pens (or felt tips for paper) and a large table space for their group.


Give each student/group an area of the topic to build up with prior knowledge.  Within a larger group, you should aim to cover a range of topics.  This could be as a whole class, or groups of 5/6.

Starting with a central hexagon, students need to write their prior knowledge about the topic down.  The hexagons should tessellate together, allowing them to spread linked hexagons out a little more.  Challenge students to arrange the hexagons so that all touching hexagons clearly link.

Using the board pens, students need to write on the tables any links between different topics.  Start by drawing lines, then giving a brief explanation of the link.  For example, within an English text there might be a collection of hexagons about the main characters (Jekyll and Hyde), and another about the historical context.