Keyword links

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You will need the keywords you are going to use – this can be in the form of lists or groups, randomly written etc. Project it on the IWB. You have the opportunity to highlight the words used on the IWB if you want to.

To play:

Students have to come up with different sentences using the keywords. You/they can decide how many to link together, the more the better; obviously they can use their own words as well.

They can work as groups or individuals.

You can eliminate any words used by highlighting them on the IWB, forcing the students to use some of the more difficult ones remaining.


For a Science Topic. Chemicals in the Natural Environment.


Students only use words from 1 column

Students can only use words 1 from each column (columns grouped strategically)

Keywords can be differentiated through the columns

Students cannot use more than 2 keywords per column

There are loads of variations………