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This technique is good for condensing information about case studies to get 8 relevant points. It could be used in English to collate 8 key quotes with 8 interpretations. It could also be used individually or as pairs or a group to get information about different arguments related to a topicĀ and then used to share ideas.


Instructions for students:

Fold a piece of A4 paper so it has eight sections. Fold it in half long ways, fold in the middle and then unfold the folding in the middle section and fold the two sides into the middle so the paper has eight sections.

There are eight boxes. You must fill each one.

Ideas for use:

  1. Key words with definitions.
  2. Short answer exam questions and answers.
  3. Case study information.
  4. Key quotes for a text.


Students could be required to ask a classmate for the information to fill each box – each box would need to be filled by a different person so they had to interact with 8 people during the course of the activity.