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Step 1:

Students are split into teams of 4 to 5 and a captain is selected.
Students are provided with 2/3 topics that they are required to become specialists in.
Students split the work up between themselves.

Step 2:

Once specialists, students are required to make sure that the captain in the group knows the information the members of the group have been studying. In order to achieve this students have to teach each other.

Step 3:

Students need to come up with 10 questions they will use to challenge another group. Questions need to be based on the information they have just learnt.

Step 4:

Groups get pitched against each other.
One student (the captain) is selected to represent the other students in their group and sit in the Hot Seat.
Another group will select two question masters who will pose the questions.

The student/group with the most correct answers wins.