Just a minute!

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This method copies the Radio 4 Quiz programme format.

How to set up

The topic to be used for the activity should be broken up into sub-headings ready to be allocated to the students (cards, random generator PowerPoint etc)

How to play

Students take turns to be the player while others in the group are the timekeepers (using iPad timers) and adjudicators.

As with the Radio show they will be checking that the player continues to talk without hesitation, repetition or deviation.

30 seconds may well be long enough initially.

Some examples from Physics (Appears simple enough to adapt to other subjects)

‘Generating electricity without fossil fuels’
‘Different sections of the Electromagnetic Spectrum’
‘Finding the distance to stars and Galaxies’
‘Ohm’s law and circuits’
‘Energy transfers’ 


Keywords can be given along with the title.

Example: ‘Generating electricity without fossil fuels’ – solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear, biofuel, waves, tidal, carbon dioxide…

Students still have to talk around these keywords, but will have a few pointers to help them

Students could also be give a short time to prepare before their ‘minute’.