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A way to get students to write about the key aspects of a character, or their contributions to a field…. In a slightly different way.

How it works

Students are given a character from their studies to write an obituary for.

This can be used to clarify family connections (eg ‘loving father of Jem and Scout….’) and key events in their life (eg ‘famously defended Tom Robinson in the trial of the decade’). Finally summarising their impact ‘He is a great loss not just to the whole community of Maycomb, Alabama, but to the whole of the United States where his stand highlighted the inequalities in our society’.

This technique can also be used for real life characters whose contributions to a subject are important.

e.g Gregor Mendel ‘Father of genetics – rest in Peas!’

Alfred Wegener ‘The man the Earth moved for!’

Isaac Newton ‘A body at rest!’


Who was it?

What did they do? Give some examples

Who will be sad they’re no longer with us?

Why will they be missed? Summarise their legacy