Class quizzes

Contact Steve Hinshelwood for further information about this technique.

Put students in groups of 6.

Quiz – students write questions on one side of card, answers on the other.  The answers should be single words or phrase from the material to be revised. 

Then run a pub style quiz. Students get one mark for getting correct answer.  The questioner gets no marks if no one gets correct answer and no marks if everyone gets correct answer.  The questioner gets one mark if one person or four people (all bar one) get correct answer and three marks if 2 or 3 people get correct answer.

This means that questions should be selected to challenge, but should be on material most of group are familiar with. 

This could work with groups of 8 with a similar scoring structure.

Aim for half the available time for researching questions (from revision notes, textbooks etc) and half the time with students asking questions.

The questioner can donate the question card to a student who gets the answer wrong as a resource for them to use at home.

It might be worth having students in groups of similar ability.

This could be done as whole class activity with small classes (this worked with 12 for me).