Visitor bingo

Contact Roger de Souza for further information about this technique.

Prior to lesson or within lesson

Students study/revise/consolidate any key topic/concept (this could be set as a homework prior to the lesson).They write 5 or more questions with answers to review knowledge of this topic/concept.

In the lesson

Put the following on the board or use the abbreviations:

Staff codes for SLT
Technician (T)
Male student Runner (MSR)
Female Student Runner (FSR)
Random Student( RS)
Random Teacher Male (RTM)
Random Teacher Female (RTF)
Head of House( HOH)
Any other Visitor (school)(AOVS)
Any other visitor (non-school)(AOVN)

To play…

Pick any 3 from the list that might walk in the classroom. Write them on ipad/card/paper/exercise book/mini white board) – this is your bingo card.

When 1 of the people listed walks in the student holds up their card and they can ask 1 of the questions that they have written to the class. If there are too many cards up, use teacher discretion on which questions should be asked (all get to cross that person off their list of 3).

When a question is asked the same question cannot be then asked by another student – they might need to come up with another question.

If no one appears in your classroom you can call out one from the list any time.

The winner

Is the first person to complete their bingo card.