GCSE Drama

Shristi_in_warm-upThe GCSE Course:

Students following the KS4 Drama course are entered for the Edexcel GCSE in Drama. There are three units of assessment in this course, two internally assessed and externally moderated, and one assessed by a visiting examiner. The two internally graded, controlled assessments (Units 1 and 2) involve practical exploration as well as written documentary evidence. They are each worth 30 per cent of the overall GCSE grade. The externally assessed Unit 3 is worth 40 per cent of the overall GCSE grade and is a performance which takes place at the College, with students working in groups of between 3 and 9 members. The teacher will guide and direct the students in this performance.

If you require further details about this course, the specification can be viewed at the following link:


Please note that a new specification for GCSE Drama will begin in September 2016. We are currently working from the 2009 specification.

Performance Mock Assessment:


In the autumn term 2015 – 2016, all Year 10 and Year 11 learners have been formally assessed and graded for the following task:

Individual performance contribution to ‘Tell Me The Truth About Love’ on 22nd October.

For this, Year 10 students performed extracts from Pinter’s ‘Betrayal’ and Year 11 performed extracts from Stafford’s ‘Katherine Desouza’. Both plays were adapated and directed by the teacher.

Students will be given a mock GCSE grade using Edexcel Unit 3 assessment criteria. The mark they will be awarded for this will be out of 80 and will comprise of the following criteria:

  • a mark out of 20 for movement and voice
  • a mark out of 20 for character/role
  • a mark out of 20 for communication and rapport with others
  • a mark out of 20 for understanding of the chosen style and form.

Students’ evaluations of this performance will not form part of the grading process. An actual grade (A* – G) will be devised from the total mark out of 80, using the grade boundaries from the June 2015 series of examination candidates in Edexcel GCSE Drama.





A calendar/brief description of further assessments in the year 2015-16 for Year 11 students can be found here:

Year 11_Drama Assessment Calendar

Please note that Year 11 students have already completed their Unit 2 and were given back provisional marks for this work (as assessed by their Year 10 teachers) in September.

A calendar/brief description of further assessments in the year 2015-16 for Year 10 students can be found here:

Year 10_Drama Assessment Calendar IMG_9176

Suzy Marston, October 2015.