‘Jamie’ Drama

This topic introduces the strategy of exploring issues and the consequences of decisions through Drama. It uses the story of a boy named ‘Jamie’ who is seen through the eyes of other people. This sensitive scheme of learning allows students to make decisions about Jamie’s life and then discover the consequences. Will they make the best choices?


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will: be able to work in role; be able to take part in a hot seating activity; be able to explain the technique of conscience alley and take part in it; be able to recall themes, events and characters associated with Jamie’s story.

Most students will: be able to recall information and apply it in an improvisation; be able to spontaneously improvise; be able to create a realistic character using voice, posture and movement; be able to make a decision about the fate of Jamie using negotiation skills if necessary and be able to use their imagination portray Jamie as an adult.

Some learners will have progressed further and will: be able to demonstrate status and persuasive skills in an improvisation; be able to evaluate how others have created a character and their effectiveness and be able to identify  the main characters involved in the drama and the characters’ point of view.

Key Assessments

At the end of the scheme of work students will create a scene which portrays what has happened to Jamie 20 years later. They will be assessed on how they have arrived at their decision and the techniques they have used to show this to the audience.

How to help your child

Parents could ask their child what new information they have discovered about Jamie in each of  the lessons and what their feelings are towards him. Parents could also ask what other students in their child’s class think of Jamie.