Silent Movies

This topic explores the history and identifies the elements of the silent movie genre. Students will use stock characters, music, mime and placards to create their own silent movie performances.


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will: be able to identify the elements of a silent movie; define the terms stock character and slapstick; perform a scene which involves the use of placards; perform in and evaluate their own original silent movie.

Most students will be able to: use slapstick and stock characters in a performance; discuss why placards are useful in a silent movie; explain the effect a piece of music has on a scene/audience; identify their strengths while setting targets for the next half term.

Some learners will have progressed further and will be able to: perform in a scene which takes into account all aspects of CAPER; motivate and lead their group in a sketch which is creative and original; perform a scene which matches the assessment criteria successfully.

Key Assessments

A filmed performance will take place on the penultimate lesson. Students will have devised their own silent movie using stock characters, music and placards and will be assessed on their use of these as well as successful use of CAPER.

How to help your child

Parents can suggest that their child watch clips of silent movies on YouTube and ask them to pay attention to the types of characters and how the music matches what is happening on screen.